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Current Openings

Job Title: Computer System Analyst

Duties Perform Agile software life cycle implementation. Create web (browser) version of existing mobile application. Perform classic Waterfall life cycle implementation. Perform analysis, design and implementation of requirements along with support and collaborative efforts with integrated systems teams. Design solution from architecture documentation and client requirements. Perform database design for support market data. Implement pipelining modules. Create business logic actions within the framework. Support RESTful services for market data. Implement security and authentication. Perform data parsing and content enrichment. Perform manual deployments and configuration. Implement, redesign and deploy database schema. Develop mechanism for in-fly loading of properties and on scheduled basis. Design graphical components and implement data retrieval services. Design interface engine for intelligent analysis of records. Import and export mechanisms of records. Evaluate natural language processing technologies and data integration. Use Java, PL/SQL, JavaScript, SQL Server, Windows, CVS, Eclipse, Apache UIMA, cTAKES, Mirth Connect, HL7 and E2369, Hibernate, JPA, JMS, ActiveMQ, Mule, RPC web services, log4j, XSD, JAXB, XML, Multi-threading, Spring Transaction, Spring WEB, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Scheduler, Adobe Flex, Oracle, Sun, Glassfish, SQL Developer, Oracle Designer, Subversion, LDAP, JDBC, Spring 3 Framework, XML, Batch processing, Reverse Proxy, Balance loader, Jersey RESTFul service, Maven, Nexus, Hudson, Sybase, AIX, TOAD for Sybase, JBoss, C#, ASP .net, VB Script, HTML, CSS, JQuery, RedHat Linux, .NetBeans, Visual Studio, SOAP UI, IBM MQ, IIS, Jakarta ISAPI, ThemeRoller, HTTP, Maven, SOAP, JAX-B, Betwixt,  JSF, Primefaces, Java Web Servlets, Tomcat.

.       Work Location: various unanticipated work locations throughout the United States;

                              relocation may be required. Must be willing to relocate.


Minimum Requirements


Education: Bachelor - Computer ScienceExperience: One (1) year

Must be able to present professional attitude and appearance at all times


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