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Addon understands the dynamic nature of the IT Industry and the changing needs of managers. Therefore, we have adopted a recruiting process to target potential candidates equipped with various skills to fill the most challenging need. With the help of our recruiting network, we constantly search the local and global market place to offer our customers the best talent with the quickest turn around time possible.

Our recruitment process:

  • Pre-Interview Agreement
  • Technical Evaluation through Prove-It and Brain bench
  • Minimum three Reference Checks
  • Security and Background Screening
  • Valid Academic Degree and Certificates
  • On-site Interview (technical and communication skills)
  • Drug Screening
  • Addon undertakes comprehensive security and reference checks of each candidate it recruits through a formal process.
  • Addon would like to provide the opportunity for individuals to grow and gain expertise in the IT industry, and build a future within the organization and make their own dreams come true. We believe in building a strong relationship with each one of our employees and ensuring that we help them achieve their goals and dreams. Further, we strive to ensure that we maintain a comfortable work environment filled with opportunity, growth and a diverse culture.
  • We currently have a number of opportunities and if you would like to submit your resume, we will evaluate your credentials against our immediate needs and contact you accordingly.

Send your resumes to recruiter@addonusa.com or Fax it to (734) 591 3560

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